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You get a hold of a great power rack, but then you find out that the company doesn’t make the attachments that you want.

No problem! You should be able to find a compatible attachment, as long as your rack is made with one of a few standard configurations.

The key specs are:

  1. The tubing size of the uprights, typically one of: 2″x2″,  2″x3″, or 3″x3″. All 2″x3″ racks have the 3″ sides oriented the same direction.
  2. The hole diameter in the uprights. Attachments need to have the same size pegs, ie: 1″, 5/8″, etc.

Attachments can also fit in slightly larger holes. For example, Rogue R-3 attachments with 5/8″ (0.63″) pegs can fit into the Titan X-3’s 11/16″ (0.69″) holes. An extra 1/16″ of slop shouldn’t be a big safety issue, but you can be the judge.

That’s basically it! The steel gauge (thickness) does not matter, considering most racks are 11 or 12 gauge steel, and we’re not doing an air-tight fit.

You could still run into two problems:

  1. Poorly welded attachments. This can happen. If you’re stoked to get those new crazy cheap J-hooks and your heart falls into your stomach as you find it doesn’t fit very snugly, well, it probably fits the same on that manufacturer’s own rack. Attachments as a rule don’t fit perfectly snug, but better brands like Rogue have the highest and most consistent quality. One reason why they’re the highest priced.
  2. Special attachments that utilize two holes in each upright, such that the hole spacing is critical. We’re not including those.

List of Power Rack Attachments by Size

Not listed here are complex attachments that will not fit any other racks. These include lat attachments, any attachments that mount on the top or bottom crossmembers, and any attachments that use more than 1 hole in the upright (and therefore depend on exact hole spacing, to complicate that some racks have “Westside” hole spacing that changes at different heights).

2″x2″ Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Powerline PPR200X, Best Fitness Rack, Valor BD-7 & BD-33,
Powertec, Titan T-2)
Powerline Bar Holders BC-1  $60.00
 Valor Dip Handles MB-A    $59.00
 Valor 12″ Safety Arms MB-F    $65.00
Valor Premium Bar Holders MB-E $45.00
Valor 7.5″ Plate Storage Post $34.00
Get Rx’d Storage Peg $15.00
Titan Plate Holders Pair $17.60
Titan Dip Bars Pair $43.99
Titan J-Hooks Pair $26.40
Titan Padded J-Hooks Pair $39.16


2″x2″ Tubing, 1/2″ Holes

(Rogue Echo & ES-1 & Wall Mount)
Rogue Echo J Cups $45.00


 2.5″x2.5″ Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Valor BD-11 & BD-41)
Valor 12″ Safety Arms MB-H $65.00
Valor Premium Bar Holders MB-G $45.00
Valor Dip Handles MB-B $59.00


2″x3″ Tubing, 11/16″ (0.68″) Holes 

(Titan T-3 & T-6)

Titan Dip Bars Pair   $43.12
Titan Landmine $26.40
Titan Plate Storage Pair $18.04


2″x3″ Tubing, 5/8″ (0.63″) Holes

(Rogue R-3 & Infinity, FringeSport Kip Cage)

(these will fit the 0.68″ holes on the Titan T-3 & T-6
well enough, with a little room for slop)

Fringe 24″ Safety Spotters $99.00
Rogue J Cups $65.00
Rogue Matador $83.49
Rogue Landmine $95.00
Rogue Plate Storage $28.25


2″x3″ Tubing, 1/2″ Holes

 (BodyCraft F430)
BodyCraft J-Hooks   $70.00 


3″x3″ Tubing, 1″ Holes

(Rogue Monster, Vulcan Strength Racks)
Rogue Monster J-Cups $115.00
Rogue Monster Sandwich J Cups  $225.00
Rogue 24″ Monster Safety Spotters $270.00
 Rogue Monster Matador    $140.00
Rogue 12.5″ Monster Plate Storage Pin $52.50
Rogue 13″ Monster Plate Storage Channel $95.00
Rogue Monster Landmine $118.00
Rogue Monater Leg Roller $64.50
Vulcan 12″ Plate Holder $50.00
Vulcan Dip Attachment $124.00
Vulcan 24″ Spotter Arms $130.00


 3″x3″ Tubing, 5/8″ (0.63″) Holes

(Rogue Monster Lite)
Rogue Monster Lite J-Cups $79.50
Rogue Monster Lite Sandwich J-Cups $125.00
Rogue 24″ Monster Lite Safety Spotters $162.75
Rogue Monster Lite Matador    $86.75
Rogue Monster Lite Storage Channel Pair $58.50
Rogue Monster Lite Landmine $95.00
Rogue Monster Lite Kids’ Pull Up Bar $58.50
Rogue Monster Lite Leg Roller $75.00


3″x3″ Tubing, 3/4″ Holes

(American Barbell racks)
American Barbell Dip Bar $250.00


3″x3″ Tubing, 11/16″ (0.68″) Holes

(Titan X-3)

Titan Padded J Hooks $43.56
 Titan Dip Bars $53.92


Power Racks by Size

Here’s the tubing and hole sizes of all the power racks featured above, as an easy reference.

coming soon!

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