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About Us

Adamant Barbell also runs an online store that has been in business since 2007.

Our writers get a hold of the latest gym equipment, and our favorite equipment gets a detailed hands-on review to show you exactly what the product is like to own and use. We also have tons of comparison guides and selection tips to help you get the right equipment.

We were founded by David Kiesling, now based in Pacifica, CA. David has been around weights and conditioning equipment since he was a teenager and learned all about gym equipment in the years of owning the store and evaluating  all kinds of equipment offered by the top manufacturers.

Our team of blog writers bring additional experience to the table, with different backgrounds in powerlifting, weightlifting,  bodybuilding. and other fitness disciplines, as well as experience in training clients. All of them have been around gym equipment enough to have valuable expertise as a member of our team.

Our main focus with our articles is on freeweights and weight training equipment, with some focus on Crossfit/conditioning workouts.